I Won't Become a Villainess. I'm Just a "Normal" Duke's Daughter!
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Although I should have avoided the death flags, suddenly the Heroine event occurs?! A Japanese person reincarnated into an Otome game chock full of death flags for the villainess, Rosalind. "I'm going to live an enjoyable life in this world!" Making full use of the game knowledge to avoid death flags, for some reason events keep happening one after another?! Contracting with spirits, helping her father (the prime minister) with his work using her modern day knowledge, taking a walk with the holy beast... and on top of all that, even starting up the heroine's event...? Will Rosalind be able to smash through every unknown death flag that comes her way...?! And will she be able to be fluffy lovey dovey with the supporting beastkin character she liked from her previous life――?!?!