Joining The Lit Team

Yo! Morph here, I’m extremely and utterly pleased as well as mind boggled to see you are interested in helping us out. To basically get rid of all the flowery talk and whatnot, I’ll get straight to the point, we all have commitments outside of this project and we’re already trying our best to attain time to invest in this hobby of ours. Therefore, from now on we aren’t looking for lax people who can help ‘here and there’ but outstanding individuals who already possess a competent understanding [of scanlating] (highly recommended but not 100% important so still apply) while also being very fast learners. This is due to the fact that now I want to acquire the ones that will be diligent and hard-working, not ones that will do a chapter occasionally for me. If you think I got the right guy/gal reading this post then please proceed to read to see what this hobby of ours entails. Also none of these positions are paid so think of this as something to polish your skills in the respective skills needed for each position, all are pro bono (free).

Basic Requirements

All staff needs to be able to access Discord as its a tool we use to communicate and keep up with the schedule. If you are willing to join it means, you are willing to put in the hours to learn it all and not fall behind, with the addition of willing to do more than 2-3 chapters per week

Roles available

Raw Provider

This is literally close to impossible and so f**king hard to find as its very rare to find such people roaming in an English Scanlation Zone. If you happen to be in Japan, Korea or China and will be staying there for a prolonged period of time (not a holiday), please get in touch. I assure you that your details will be held with great security and you’ll remain anonymous if need be. Just a quick note, if you are located in Korea or China, its not 100% a requirement but just someone that is able to purchase from chinese/korean sites (meaning you’ll need a bank account of the respective country) and finally for Japan, its advised you are located as close to a big city’s centre as to allow for quick and effective access to raws.

Editors (Cleaner/Redrawer/Typesetter)

Do note I am putting the 3 into one category as I expect you to be willing to learn them all. It is acceptable if you can do one or two as a rookie but as time goes on we expect you to learn all 3 and become competent in them. Also just a side note, a cleaner should know how to redraw. You may have noticed that we clean EVERYTHING in most of our projects as we pride ourselves on being one of the few that actually does this, so I expect you to have a competent understanding on the respective task at hand as well. As for typesetting, although it seems like the easiest job out of the three, it can surprise you as how many do not have a knack for making typography look good and presentable. so BEWAREEE! (lel)

– Responsibilities: Cleaning raws, which includes text bubbles as well as sfx (sound fx), in regards to manga, you are required (if we cannot attain HQ raws) to clean the dirty and LQ magazine pages into clean results with solid whites, blacks and halftones for colours (some guides will be posted at the end of this page so please learn it). As for Typesetting, you have to insert the translated lines in the correct positions with aesthetically pleasing formatting & font usage

– Software Requirements: Modern version of Adobe Photoshop and obviously a google account so you can access the drive

– – Proofreaders: A firm grasp on English grammar and spelling.

– – Cleaner/Redrawer: Photoshop, decent art skills, patience (drawing tablet recommended).

– – Typesetters: Photoshop, decent sense of fonts and centering.

Translators (Japanese/Chinese/Korean/Portugese)

We are always looking for translators for all the languages noted, such individuals are hard to find but feels awesome when you acquire one. If you are one then AWESOME! because with your help, we will be able to either speed up an on-going project or pick up a new one! You should be fluent in both English and the language you are interested in translating (Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Portugese). For Japanese you dont really have to be an expert, N2 is ok. We will, when we get in contact, have you TL a chapter of a series we are doing or planning on doing as to test your level so do not worry, this helps us both acquire more translations and test you (killing 2 birds with 1 stone). For Portugese, you will be translating English to Portugese so its advised you are fluent in both and understand the structure of them so when typesetting, its not lost in translation

– Responsibilities: Translating chapters of raws from Japanese/Chinese/Korean to English or translating English to Portugese

– Software Requirements: Google Drive

– – Translators: Basic knowledge of either Japanese or Chinese.

How to apply

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