Hello and welcome, we’re extremely pleased to see you are interested enough that you would check this page out. Let’s get straight to the point, we all have commitments outside of this project and we’re already trying our best to find time to invest in this hobby of ours. Therefore, we are looking for people with a lot of free time and an aptitude for learning. This is because we want to provide our fans with a consistent release speed so we want people that will be diligent and hard-working on our team. If you think you are that kind of person then please read here to see what this hobby of ours entails. Also, none of these positions are paid, so think of this as a hobby to polish your skills in the respective field needed for each position.

General Requirements

All staff members need access to Discord and Google Drive as they’re the programs we use to communicate and share files. If you are willing to join, it means you are willing to put in the hours to learn everything and not fall behind.


Available Positions

Cleaner – Redrawer

A cleaner’s responsibilities are to improve the quality and remove all foreign text from the provided raws. You may have noticed that we clean close to all foreign text in most of our projects as we pride ourselves on being one of the few that actually does this, so I expect you to have a competent understanding on the respective task at hand as well.

– Requirements: Image editing software (photoshop is recommended), decent artistic skills and a lot of patience (a drawing tablet is recommended for redrawing).


A typesetter needs to place the translated lines in the correct positions with aesthetically pleasing formatting & font usage. Although it might seem like the easiest job, it can surprise you as many do not have a knack for making typography look good and presentable.

– Requirements: Image editing software (photoshop is recommended), decent sense for fonts and centering.

Translators (Japanese/Chinese/Korean)

We are always looking for translators for all the languages stated. Because with your help, we will be able to either speed up an on-going project or pick up a new one! You should be fluent in both English and the language you are interested in translating since we expect you to provide translations for all foreign text including sound effects.

– Requirements: A basic understanding of both English and any of the languages stated above.


Proofreaders are tasked with finding and correcting any grammatical or spelling errors made by the translator. New proofreaders are very rarely accepted since we now only accept extremely capable individuals.

– Requirements: A firm grasp of English grammar and spelling and a sharp eye for small details.


Technically, none of these positions will ever close, since if there is a competent individual who has any of the above-mentioned attributes, we would welcome them with open arms. With that said, we determine one of these criteria by a simple test we have collated, If you are interested, fill in the application form below and contact Tony#9874 or asch.99#9331 on our discord server for a small test.

Thanks for at least taking the time to even read this,
Zero Scans Admins

Application Form

If you do not wish to share your real name, then input your username.
we share our files through google drive, so gmail is required.
not required.
we request your location and timezone to get an idea of your native language and when we can expect to see you online.
On what days can we expect you to be active?
How many chapters can we expect you to handle per week?
give us a small description about yourself.
Do you have any prior experience, either with another scanlation group or skill regarding your selected position(s).
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